Quick Kai is an idea born out of frustration of not having a healthy fundraising option to choose from at school. Led by Jocelyn Reddy, Head of Technology at Wainuiomata High School, Quick Kai has become the faculty and students’ real life product development project. From recipe development, to logo design and budgeting templates, Quick Kai has brought together a wide range of students and staff for the common goal of having a product that can be used for fundraising in the school and community.

Jocelyn attended the Hutt Real Food Challenge event in February 2017 to kick start Quick Kai. The event and business support series helped Jocelyn develop the idea further and refine what the product was and how she would market it.

The goal is to get a healthy product available for any organisation to use for fundraising through Wainuioimata High School, and to give back to the community by providing products to the local food bank. NCEA Level 3 Food Technology students have developed a curry recipe and a muesli recipe made of dry food products that when combined with a few simple fresh ingredients make delicious and nutritious meals.

Jocelyn says “It seems silly being a foods teacher and then giving students unhealthy options to sell. It is very important to me that students learn to eat healthily”.

Quick Kai fundraising has already been used to raise funds for Wainuiomata High School’s Girls Football team to attend a national tournament.

Purchasing Quick Kai products:

  • help make the fundraising team dreams come true
  • contribute to feed the hungry by Quick Kai donating products to Food Banks
  • enables Wainuiomata High School students learn in a real life situation
  • Provides the buyer with nutritious and delicious food to enjoy.

    Jocelyn Reddy from Wainuiomata High School with the Quick Kai meals