Your club or organisation has the opportunity to make the healthy choice the easy choice for your members and the wider community. Sometimes making a simple change can have a big impact.

If your club or organisation is involved in running or contributing to events, check out our events page as well for ideas of actions you can take specific to your events.

Why do we collect this information?

Turning the Tide will be most successful when we use the actions we take to inspire others to take action. We’ll put your club or organisation on our Action Map so others can see that you’re “In” to turn the tide on your health.

Your contact details will be kept private and only used by the Turning the Tide team to contact you to find out more about your action and to see how we can support you.

By clicking “I’m in” you’re agreeing to send the information you’ve provided to Healthy Families Lower Hutt who will maintain an offline database of actions. You are also agreeing to your organisation name and location being displayed on the Action Map .

What happens now?

You’ll get an email confirming that we’ve received your action.

Now it is up to you to get started. Check out our success stories to get inspired by actions others have taken.