Cllr Michael Lulich is taking action to Turn the Tide not only for himself but for his local community.

Cllr Lulich started his own journey by making healthy changes to his own lifestyle. Small changes can make a big difference and over the Christmas period he tried to make healthier food choices, limited his alcohol intake and became more active. These small changes have had a positive impact on his wellbeing. It got him thinking about what role he could play as a local Councillor and community leader to encourage others to take action to make healthier choices in the places where they spend their time.

Michael is taking action to help make his ward a place where the healthy choice can be the easy choice.

The Harbour Ward has some amazing spaces where families and young people like to gather and spend their time. When walking along the Petone esplanade with a member of his community talking about the beach environment, Michael was struck by the amount of unhealthy food wrappers and fizzy bottles that were in almost every bin. This has inspired him to take action to promote the water fountain on the foreshore as an easy alternative to fizzy drink.

Cllr Lulich is also supporting the smokefree Lower Hutt message. When spending time in Jackson Street recently, Michael was surprised to see how visible people smoking was to the families and young people that were out enjoying the shopping and café culture Jackson Street offers. As part of the Petone Community Board, Michael will be helping to promote the existing smokefree pavement dining policy and contribute to the plan to make Jackson Street smokefree.

Imagine if the healthy choice was the easy choice in all our public spaces.